300zx App

This is my first Android App that I have decided to share.  I will be updating as need and as requested.  Please leave a comment if you feel that there is something missing.  Please give as much detail into what you think might be good for this app.  Keep in mind I am not a seasoned programmer, so I will do what I can.  Thanks and don't be too critical.

The bases of this App was to get as much in one spot as possible.  I was tired of searching the net to find different forums and then forget the good ones and have to search all over again.  Putting them in one spot has made things much easier and a one stop shop for me.  Hope this helps others with the same issue.

Version 1: Z_Threads_1.apk
Version 2: Z_Tron_1.apk
Version 3: Z_Tron_1_3.apk
Version 4: Z_Tron_1_4.apk

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  1. Version 4: Updated to fix broken courtesyparts link and changed wallpapers