Saturday, February 22, 2014

About Me...

My name is Patrick and I enjoy taking time tinkering with electronics and tweaking programs/coding.  I have spent many days trying to find my way by doing research online and in books.  I am completely self taught and constantly learning.  I built this blog to keep all of my learning in one location.  I have not done much with this blog as of yet, however I have huge plans to build on it.  I have much more to add as these few things listed are just a scratch of the surface.  I will be spending more time updating this blog as I just found out about the page option being added.  Cleans things up a lot and organizes all of my projects.  Below are a few things to come.

Overclocking a PC - with pictures/screenshots/step by step tutorials.  I will also do a video screen capture to help with settings.  This will be for windows based CPU running an Intel Processor.

GPS modding - This will include IGO software modding.  Will post a video to show what to look forward to.

Western Digital TV Live Hub modding and Firmware Upgrade - will cover websites, link sheets, step by step build instructions, etc.

300zx Mods - I will be posting all of my modifications and links/credits if any.

300zx App - An app built to provide all sources in one spot.  Tired of searching the net over and over for parts, threads, and how-tos?  Then this is an app you want.

Maxima Mods - Same as with 300zx mods.

Escalade Mods - Same as with 300zx and Maxima mods.

Android App Developement - An easy step by step on creating Apps with a neat interface.

These are just a few things I can think of right now.  I will post pretty much on anything that takes ingenuity to accomplish.  I mod just about everything from Video game systems to Tablets to phones.  I will keep things interesting trust me.

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